What is ISLANDS?

Islands are special cases for Sustainable Development. Within the current global economic and social system islands in many cases face economic, social, political and cultural marginalization. Cooperation is needed in research and education on the ways to manage islands and raise capacity building in island communities. Understanding the problems and finding effective ways to develop the potential of islands requires international academic cooperation that looks beyond the specifics of individual islands. There is clearly a demand for a high quality Masters programme on sustainable development on islands that can enhance much required training and expertise in this field. This is why the University of Groningen, the University of the Aegean, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Iceland have joined forces to launch this high-level integrated study programme on islands at Master level.

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Last week, three ISLANDS students attended the finale of CAPonLITTER, an Interreg Europe project in partnership with ULPGC’s ECO AQUA institute, Travel Without Plastic, Cabildo Fuerteventura, and Fuerteventura Patronato del[…]

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Watch the Information Webinar and learn more about the Erasmus Mundus Research Master program Islands & Sustainability, ISLANDS!

Do you want to learn more about being an ISLANDS student? You can now watch or re-watch the information webinar from February 29th below! Are you passionate about sustainable development[…]

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Islands as Laboratories for Sustainability (ISLAs) Summer/Winter School

Methodologically and scientifically, islands serve as ideal ‘laboratories’ for examining the intricate interplay of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Moreover, their often geographically isolated nature magnifies the importance of factors[…]

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Associated Partners

The International Joint Master of Science on Islands and Sustainability is co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union.