Application update

Application update

Application Deadline 2022

The application deadline for scholarships has ended on 15 March 2022. Due to the high quality of applications among the approximately 90 applications for scholarships we are currently undertaking the first round interviews before making a final decision on the scholarships offered. Results will be announced individually to the candidates in April, subject to approval by the European Union.

Self-funded students can still apply for admission to the programme until the end of April. Unsuccessful candidates for the scholarships are also invited to submit their expression of interest should they wish to join the programme on a self-funded basis. Applications for self-funded students are reviewed in May and may be followed up with a personal online interview. You can apply through the application form on our website at Information about fees are given on the programme’s overview page.

Final confirmation for all allocated spaces in the new ISLANDS MSc programme will be sent out by email no later than early June.

Good luck to all applicants!