Mytilene, Greece

ISLANDS students attend the University of the Aegean Campus, located in the capital of Lesvos, Mytilene. The town of Mytilene is full of life, being a growing city with 30,000 inhabitants. The town is built on small hills, on top of the ruins of an ancient city. The prosperous economic past of the town is reflected in impressive mansions, while the establishment of the University of the Aegean has given it free rein and has livened things up.
Lesvos is the third biggest island of Greece, with 1,632 square kilometres in extent and 86,436 inhabitants. The immense areas of olive groves, pine forests, oaks, the rich gulfs of Gera and Kalloni, and the impressive Petrified Forest of Lesvos (at Sigri) compose a multifarious and particularly attractive natural landscape. Lesvos is renowned for its rich history and culture, depicted in numerous archaeological and historical monuments and works of art. The homeland of ancient Greek poets such as Sappho, Alceus, and Theofrastus, as well as modern Greek painters like Theofilos and modern Greek writers such as Myrivilis, Eftaliotieses, and Elytis (Nobel Prize for Poetry in 1979), Lesvos is famous for its rich culture and contribution to world literature and arts.

University Campus

The campus is located on University Hill, with a beautiful view over the city of Mytilene. Here you will find the School of Social Sciences, and the School of Environment. The canteen and a café is also located on campus.
In the first couple of days, you’ll receive your UAegean student ID card that gives you free transportation to and from the university campus with the School Bus, and access to the University Canteen.

Life in the town of Mytilene combines the advantages of a small scale place and a place with a long history and tradition. Cultural events, sports activities, musical events and performances at the town and the University, along with the vibrant nightlife in the bars of the harbor and the traditional food, snacks and ouzo at the taverns.


Living on Lesvos as a student can be inexpensive if you are considered. Eating out is relatively cheap, and groceries are mostly inexpensive. Thus, living costs can be kept at a low rate if you are regularly eating in the University canteen, mostly cook yourself and are occasionally eating out. 

Cost of living is approximately 300€ to 500€ per month (excluding accommodation). Furthermore, taxis are relatively cheap (expect around 6-7€ per urban ride), and buses to the University are free.


The University of the Aegean does not provide accommodation for its incoming students. However, there are various sites that can help you find accommodation. Finding accommodation in Mytilene is usually not a challenge, but we still recommend you to start looking early.

Leisure Activities 

You will never be bored living on Lesvos! Leisure activities possible on Lesvos include scuba diving, sailing and other water sports, trecking through the captivating nature, and enjoying the many beautiful beaches on the islands. The University also has a gym that can be used for free. You will never get bored on Lesvos!

Public Transport

There is a School Bus going from the city centre to University Hill every weekday. It leaves from Sappho Square every 30 minutes going to the University Campus. With your student ID identifying you as a student at the University of the Aegean the School Bus is free of charge.
There is also public transport that can take you around the city of Mytilene and Lesvos island.

Language Courses

If you want to learn basic Greek to help you with everyday communication situations please express your interest to us.