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Privacy statement

The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), in the context of managing the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters, collects and processes the personal data of some of the candidates. In particular, certain data of the scholarship holders and non-scholarship holders is shared with the Agency and treated according to this privacy statement

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree programme ‘ISLANDS’

The University of Groningen (UG) always handles your personal data with care; you must be able to trust that they will be processed lawfully and protected appropriately. The UG therefore wants to be transparent about what it does with your personal data. The policy for this is included in the document: General policy on protection of personal data. Here you can read in outline the vision and principles of the UG. In addition, there is a General Privacy Statement. This statement informs you about how the UG processes your data and what rights you have.

Purpose of processing personal data:

Your data will be used for the following purposes: – Determining your identity. – Assessing your prior qualifications and suitability. – To allow Erasmus+ to send you student satisfaction surveys. – Conducting project administration and the assessment of grant spending.

Principles underlying the processing of data:

We assess the eligibility of candidates in the public interest. We are required by law to maintain a proper project administration. Your data may also be further used for statistical analysis.

Source document and retention periods:

You can submit the application form. We use Formdesk. We will retain your data for up to two years (in case you are placed) or three months (in case you are not placed) after the procedure has been concluded.

Your rights:

– Right to ask for an overview/removal or to be rectified of the personal data collected on you – Right to data portability (data transfers) – Right to restrict processing – Right to object to the processing of your dat

In which systems do we store your data:

Your data will be (temporarily) stored on the UG-licensed version of Google Drive and afterwards archived on the University’s secured network drive. The partner universities receive your data via Unishare. Your data is also entered into the EU ‘Funding and Tenders portal’.

Categories of personal data:

Name, contact information, date and place of birth, home address and country of residence, gender, ID, nationality, emergency contact details, preference for placement, cv, motivation, prior qualifications, (academic) achievements, language proficiency.

Recipients of your personal data:

Your data will be handled by the members of the ISLANDS Programme Eligibility and Selection Committee, which consists of members of all partner universities (Universities of Groningen, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aegean, and Iceland). Your data will also be shared with the European Committee.

Contact details:

You can contact us with your questions and requests regarding the processing of your personal data:You can contact us with your questions and requests regarding the processing of your personal data: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen T.a.v. Centraal Loket Privacy Postadres: Postbus 72 9700 AB Groningen E-mail: Your message will be shared with the UG Data Protection Officer.