Programme Introduction

Welcome to the ISLANDS programme, a dynamic 2-year Research Master that delves into the fascinating intersection of Islands and Sustainability with a curriculum entirely taught in English. Our program is tailored to provide a comprehensive blend of research and professional skills spanning spatial, social, and environmental sciences. Gain a systematic understanding of scientific theories that spotlight islands as distinctive and crucial places, all while exploring the natural and human-induced processes shaping their rich history, present, and future. Elevate your academic journey with ISLANDS, where local knowledge meets global perspectives.

Islands focuses on two main themes

Understanding the distinct characteristics of islands, their socio-economical, geopolitical, and environmental impacts, and the development of policies tailored to address their specific challenges.

Developing tools, skills, and technology to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical sustainability applications.

Students not only expand their knowledge, but also cultivate critical thinking and research abilities, enabling them to:

Analyse environmental issues and establish holistic perspectives on their relationship with human activities on islands

Navigate diverse information resources, delivering effective presentations, collaborating in multidisciplinary teams, and communicating professionally in English

Evaluate environmental policies within various island contexts

Create and assess environmental protection strategies for both private and public island organisations

Evaluate development projects, plans, policies, and technologies from spatial, economical, legal, cultural, marketing, and environmental standpoints

For an overview of the programme structure and courses offered in the programme, see our dedicated page on the programme structure.

Programme Structure

Information about the application process and the application requirements are shown on our application form page.

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All partner universities in the ISLANDS programme offer support for students with special needs. Further information can be found on the website of each partner university, linked below, or by sending us an email.
The University of Groningen – University of the Aegean – University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University of Iceland

After Your Studies

Whether your passion lies in academia, research, policy development, or consultancy, the skills honed during your time in the programme will open doors to a myriad of opportunities. Graduates of the ISLANDS programme are well-equipped to contribute to cutting-edge research, shape sustainable policies, or provide valuable insights as consultants in the dynamic intersection of islands and sustainability. The possibilities are as vast as the ocean itself, offering a platform for you to make a meaningful impact in the professional landscape of your choosing. Your journey doesn’t conclude with the ISLANDS program; it sets the stage for a future where your expertise and insights are invaluable.